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house project development. complete set of project documentation in accordance with state standards and building regulations. we can fulfill separate projecting works for you house. standard, pre-set projects as well as individual designs. individual projects - from 200 usd if you order a house, project development and individual finishing is free of charge. assembling on the building site - 10% discount corporate customers - 7% discount if you order additional sawn timber and finishing materials - 7% discount if you order a full package: projecting, manufacture, delivery, assembling - 10% discount discounts are not to sum up technology production combined with manual labour make the imex les houses even more cozier. warmth and cosiness is enclosed in every log. small houses, big houses, campings, banyas, garden furniture, wells, little constructions and much more. high-quality, pleasant prices, a wide range of additional services. proper attention to every customer, this is what appeals to our clientele.

while producing log houses imex les uses only high-quality timber, growing in ecologically clean regions of karelia. houses from machine processed round logs of different diameter (per request of the customer) have many advantages both in severe conditions of the north and in sunny summer weather.         in bitter winter cold you will appreciate warmth and cosiness of your home. wide range of paintwork and antiseptic coating by chief manufacturers will ensure an ever lasting life of your house. we manufacture finishing materials to be used with our houses, which enables implementation of most novel interior designs. you don`t have to monitor your house production. placing the order you can be sure that quality monitoring system will not malfunction. when the house production is completed, the staff of the company will carry out a test assembling to number all elements and select all necessary materials per your request, so that you got a high-quality and cozy house. you can order transportation and assembling of the house on the building site.